Who am I?  I am a mother, daughter, wife, grandma, and sister.  Why is that always my first response?  I see myself connected to my family.

Okay, me alone. Who am I?  My first thought was, “I am a child of God.” Connection again. And what a beautiful connection. Well, we were not created to be alone; maybe we shouldn’t see ourselves as one, sole individual. I’m having trouble doing that.

Who am I? Someone whose heart burns for righteousness. In the world, in the universe. I can’t wait to see the righteousness of God completely fill the universe and evil be gone forever. This is the deepest desire of my heart.

I love to create things. God has put that into each of us, I think. Here are some projects I’ve finished.


DSCF7753 (3)

These girls are my four granddaughters. The first three pictures are made with buttons. The fourth was made with beads. I ran out of buttons! Lol

Birds (16)

My first wood project.


Altered book art.



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