The Eyes Have It.


Hello Everyone. I’m still not going to be able to read your blogs. I’m not sure for how long. I may keep posting, but I’m not sure. I am praying about that. As I explained earlier, I was waiting for cataract surgery. It was getting hard to read on my laptop; I was also getting headaches. My left eye is the worst, my right eye is much better than that one. I see now, as I sat down to write my post today that reading and writing is even harder than before. 

My surgery was scheduled for last month but I did not have it. It is a strange story why I didn’t. I was preparing for the operation. I was supposed to buy two kinds of eye drops from the drug store, one was an antibiotic. I had to take them three days before the operation. I went to the store 4 days before and they didn’t have that antibiotic. They needed my doctor’s permission to change to another one. It was a holiday weekend, so it was difficult. They finally got the new prescription and called me. I went and got it. I wouldn’t be able to take more than one dose before the operation because I had gotten it so late.

The night before I was to start taking it I remembered something. When I had been in Nevada 15 years ago, I had a strange, clear bump on the white of one eye. I went to a clinic and he prescribed an antibiotic. I took it at my sister’s house and immediately became weak and almost fainted. I was shocked by this. I went to the clinic the next day and told the doctor what happened. He said, “I’ve been a doctor for 25 years and I’ve never had this happen to a patient.” I guess that meant he thought I was lying. He told me they would put a drop in while I was there, so they did. It took a few minutes until I felt faint. They took my blood pressure etc. and had to put me in a bed. The doctor was shocked too.

So, here I was remembering this. I had told these doctors I wasn’t allergic to any drugs. I had just forgotten about it, but now I felt so stupid. My husband told me to just go and have the operation. I had put the other drops in for the 3 days. I had read the directions and it said not to touch the eye with my hands or anything else, even the top of the bottle. Well, the morning of the operation I decided to cut my bangs. They were way too long. I cut them and three pieces of hair fell in my bad eye. Yes, that’s right, not one but three. I had to dig them out with a tissue. So, I’m standing there wondering if God wants me to not have the operation. I said to him, “I’ll go to the hospital. If you don’t want me to have this operation, please make me get sick.”

My granddaughter, Faith, drove me to the hospital and as we were walking to the elevator I became sick. I ran to a bathroom. Afterwards, I told my granddaughter to go and tell them I couldn’t have the operation. She did.

Well, that is where I am at now. I can read on my tablet, but not my laptop. I find it difficult to read your blogs on the tablet. I guess the next step should be that I get tested for allergies to different antibiotics. I did get sick last year from Macrobid. Who knows how many others? I do wish I had remembered about the eye drops sooner, but I’m very glad God stopped me from the operation. I read later that people past 60 years old sometimes die of eye antibiotics. Their hearts just stop and they can’t get them going again.

My daily life with God has been wonderful. He is the strength of my life; he is my strong tower I run to and I am safe; he is my light in darkness. How I wish everyone on earth would just give him a chance, if they would just, “taste, and see that the Lord, he is good.

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