Where I Buy My Books.


Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to share with you where I get the books I read. I don’t have enough money to go to a Christian book store and buy those lovely books I write about.

When e-books first came out, they were cheaper than paperbacks or hardcovers. That made sense, because with e-books the publisher has little cost involved in putting it on the internet. No paper, no binding etc.  But as with a lot of products, e-books were cheap at first and then went up and up. I decided not to buy them anymore because of this. I went back to buying used books, either at a book store or online.

But then I joined BookBub. It is a place where you can get books at very low prices, or sometimes just borrow and read. I also joined, at $10 per month, Kindle Unlimited at Amazon. Kindle books can now be downloaded to any device you have by using their free app. I have found many Christian books there that are wonderful. I love memoirs, and Kindle has a lot of memoirs to choose from.

I think most cities have e-libraries. I used to borrow from our local library through the internet. When the due date comes around, the book just disappears from your computer. All you need is a library card number.

I also get free books from Project Gutenberg.  (www.gutenberg.org)  They let you download any books for free; they do ask for donations, if you can do it. They deal in old books that have no copyright any longer. There are books of sermons that I enjoyed very much.

There is a wonderful book store online called, Abe Books.  (abebooks.com)  They deal in used books and ship free. The books themselves cost anywhere from $1 and up. The books I order from them are usually $4 – $6. That is a terrific price for a book. It works very well and it is pretty exciting to get a book in the mailbox. They ship all over the world. Most of my books come from England.

So, these are the places I buy Christian books. I just wanted to help some of you out in case you didn’t know about these places.

10 thoughts on “Where I Buy My Books.

  1. Thanks for the tips, Belle! I’ve been looking at BookBub recently (from an author’s perspective) and it looks good. I’ve got a Kindle but as yet haven’t really used it because I have a backlog of paperbacks that I’m working through 🙂

    God bless! Steven 🙏🏻

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    1. I don’t know why they do that. The publishers must save a lot of money making ebooks. I do like Kindle Unlimited. I read a lot so $10 per month isn’t much when books cost so much.


  2. Great information here! As an author, I do understand why e-books cost a bit. If they are done correctly, someone, usually my editor has to format them for an e-book. If not, you can have some strange things going on. No chapter breaks, words hanging, etc. I don’t think an e-book should be anywhere near the price of an actual book, and yes, the prices on some are outrageous. As a reader, I do not like reading on my kindle. I love that feel of an actual book in my hands. And, since I want to encourage libraries…all my books are available to them for free! So, if anyone ever wants a book at their local library, just go in and request it.

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