Carving with Wood.

Yesterday, I posted the pictures of my woodwork that was on my tablet. Today, I am on my laptop and I have some carvings to share. I found carving much too hard on this pine wood. I won’t use pine again. I used a Dremel for sawing, carving and sanding. I love my Dremel.

I find branches in the forest and use them. My first project was the birds. Cutting those birds out of firewood took me a long time. The wood is very hard.

The wood family is my husband, me and our two daughters. I gave this one to my younger daughter.

My older daughter asked me to make her some owls. They will be sitting on the branch soon. 

The three women are made from three sheets of balsa wood.

The wood in the photo is cedar, which was only around $4. I’m using it for the backdrop for paintings or perhaps will try to carve some of it. I’ll see how hard it is. If I need a jackhammer, I won’t use it for carving.

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