Daniel 11: War Between U.S. and Middle East.


Photo by: Martin Falbisoner

As an independent nation, the United States has always acted as gently as a lamb domestically by offering religious and political freedom to all its citizens, but in the world theater it speaks with the power of a dragon.  We know that a horn represents individual people, rulers of nations or a position of great power (see Appendix 2).  In the end times, under the sixth trumpet, two powers, one religious and one political, will arise in the United States.  Since the US is predominantly a protestant nation, we can surmise that the religious power will be someone who represents Protestant Christians.  The president will work with this religious leader and together they will govern America.

          Back in Daniel Chapter 11 we see what else the king of the North, the United States of America, will do at the end times.  “At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. He will also invade the Beautiful Land. (Israel) Many countries will fall, but Edom,  Moab (modern-day Jordan) and the leaders of Ammon (partly in modern-day Syria) will be delivered from his hand. He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites (north Africa?) in submission. But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at the beautiful holy mountain. (Jerusalem) Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.”  Daniel 11:40-45

As this chapter is being written, the United States is involved in a prolonged conflict in Iraq…the location of the Euphrates River.  This conflict arose out of the 9/11 attacks against the US  by radical Muslims: Islam versus Christianity, the West versus the East, the king of the North versus the king of the South.



2 thoughts on “Daniel 11: War Between U.S. and Middle East.

  1. Isn’t it amazing how a book written so many thousands of years ago can actually tell us our future as it unfolds before us and people think it’s myth and contrived by man, yet it’s content belies that if they would only look.

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