What Career Does God Want For You?


This is the main street of the town where my daughter works.

This is the main street of where my daughter works in the Dollar Store.

I heard Joyce Meyer talking about how to know God’s will for us. I thought she had some practical ideas.

1. What are you good at?

2. What do you enjoy doing?

She says God wants to show us what to do and he will if we follow his leading. I’m going to give a few examples of people finding their happy place. Lol

Joyce: She said she started out working for God by giving away pamphlets to strangers downtown. She hated doing that. Yes, I’ve done it and hated it too.

Next, she worked in her church by babysitting for parents while they were in the service. She said it took about two weeks when she and the children decided it wasn’t working. Then, she started a Bible Study program in her home. She loved teaching people about God. She found her place.

My Daughter: First she was an office assistant and photographer for a real estate office. She really liked that job, but after 10 years and low pay she decided she needed to do something different. She had always been attracted to nursing so she went to school and $20,000 later she was a nurse. She didn’t really like working in a hospital so she went to a nursing home. The pay was good and she loved the residents, but watching people die was too painful for her.

She then took classes in working in emergency situations and got a job way up north in Canada to man the ambulance. But driving on pure ice roads upset her and her family did not like her being away 3 weeks a month. So, she quit.

Next she worked at a drop-in clinic and then a doctor’s office. She didn’t like either of these jobs because a lot of patients were angry and took it out on her. Her husband was transferred to a mountain town and she got a job looking after a sick and elderly man. She did like this job and loved the patient. But he became sicker and had to go live in a nursing home.

There were no other jobs available in town but working in a Dollar Store. She liked this job because she loved her boss. Then she was made manager of the store and in charge of buying products. Well, she loved this part of the job. She knows what women want for crafts because she is a crafter and she knows what children like to play with and ordered new toys. The store has been making much more money since she was made manager and she is very happy. She found her place.

One time, she was telling me how upset she was that she spent all that money on nurse training for nothing. I told her it wasn’t for nothing; she found out what she didn’t like and not only that the jobs she had as a nurse over the years paid extremely well. They more than covered the tuition. Also, in the back of her mind she had always wanted to be a nurse. She would have always regretted not giving it a shot.

Me: Well, I had been drawn to archaeology since I was in my twenties. But I had children and was a stay-at-home mom for years. When I went to university in my early 40s, I decided to be a librarian in a museum. But I had a mental breakdown and quit school. I was upset for a few years, but then realized how much my daughter’s and grandchildren needed me. If I had had a career, I wouldn’t have been available. I’m really glad my life turned out the way it did.

So, I do believe God will show you where your talents lie and where you will be happiest and do the most good. Don’t be afraid to try something out and see if it fits. You may love a career you didn’t even give consideration to.

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