Do You Know Who You Really Are?


Photo by: Runner1928

I remember being at church one Sabbath and everyone was singing, “I Will Not Be Shaken.” The chorus repeats those words quite a few times, “I will not be shaken.”  I stopped singing, turned to my mother and said, “On the other hand, who knows what I’ll do?”

I had finally learned I didn’t know myself. That day, I really had no idea if I would continue to live to honor God or not. I had fallen too many times to be confident.

Peter didn’t know himself. He said to Jesus, “Even if I have to die with you; I will never disown you.” Mark 14:31  He did disown Jesus. Three times.

I also remember a time at a camp-meeting when a pastor said, “Everyone rise who will promise to keep the Sabbath day holy.” It looked like everyone in the whole auditorium stood up. I didn’t rise, and neither did my mom. We had both found out the hard way our promises to God meant nothing.

I guess, no, I know, this is a good thing. When a Christian realizes what an idiot she can be, it’s always a good thing. Pride kind of falls to the ground. Not that it won’t try to crawl up again, but at least it has been badly beaten up.

My husband told me when he became a Christian, he thought he would never sin again. Then he grabbed some guy by the throat because of something. As he was choking him, he felt God calm him down. He said he took his hands away, patted the guy on the chest and said he was sorry. He said, “From that moment on, I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect.”

This is something many Christians find out to their disappointment. And the longer you live, the more the Holy Spirit will reveal things to you. But like Joyce Meyer, I am now glad when God shows me my shortcomings and sins. I know he is doing it for my good. I want to do and say the right things and God knows that about me. So I pray about what he has shown me and ask him to help. He always does and I feel no condemnation.

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