A Letter of Faith.


Awhile ago, I posted something about not getting enough sleep and waking up startled. I don’t know if anyone has been praying for me, but ever since that post I have been sleeping deeply and feeling good when I wake up. So, thank you and thank God.

My sister has a girlfriend who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. Her name is Heather and we all love her as part of our family. Heather is a believer in God, but she was overcome with so many feelings when the doctors gave her this news. A few days ago, I received a letter from her and she told me I could share it here.

“So, I’ve come to the conclusion that satan is attacking me. He is killing me with cancer. I have told him to do his best. It doesn’t matter what he does with this body, he will never get my soul. He is trying to get me to turn from God. He’s trying to get me to to get angry and question God. He is trying to get me to turn from God. It isn’t going to happen. I say let him do his worse. If I die, then I will be with God and my family who has died before me. My mom had 2 girls who died before I was born, so I will get to meet my sisters. I will get to see my great granny, my aunt Nell and my aunt Betty Jean again. Those 3 women were 3 women I loved more then anything. My cousin had an 11 month old son, Connor, who died. I helped raise him. I will get to see him again. That has made me pretty excited actually. If I don’t die, then God has won the battle because satan has lost his grip. Either way I win. What do you think about that?”


Love you,


I told her I think God and the angels are rejoicing. It is a wonderful thing for a person to accept God’s will in their lives and to keep on loving him no matter what happens. This is the path to peace and happiness. This is what Job, Joseph and Daniel did.

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