Feelings Irritate Me.


Sometimes I have wished I didn’t have feelings. Feelings have tripped me up all my life; especially before I read Joyce Meyer’s books and watched her videos.

But still, I sometimes wish… My marriage is full of feelings, good and bad. When the feelings are bad I say to God, “Lord, throw my anger into the sea.” I thought that would take care of everything. I was wrong. The angry feelings just go down, down, down into my heart and then erupt like a volcano.

So, I tried a different prayer. “Lord, stop me before I start yelling and swearing at him.” Oh yes, I do that; not often, but I do it. The Lord did do this for me. The next day my hubby was upset with me about (nothing, trust me) and was irritated and asking why I did this and that. (closed a cupboard door that he wanted open) I could feel this rage rising in me and then I thought, “No.” I answered calmly. Okay, this was great.

The next day, I asked hubby something and he said, “Why do you bother me when I’m watching TV?” If I didn’t talk to him while he was watching TV I would never talk to him at all. I felt the rage rising. He came into the room, I looked up and screamed, “Lord, help me not to swear at him!”

That night, I asked God, “Where did this rage come from? I don’t like it or want it. I want to feel nothing if he hurts my feelings.”  I talked and talked with God, and I got my answer as I talked. I said, “I’m tired of being constantly rejected by him. Every time I talk with him he acts like I’m a pain or a bother.”

Okay, that’s what it was. Something my husband and I had talked about 6 months ago and he had changed and things were better; but now he had reverted to his previous behavior. I wished I could just ignore it, but I knew I couldn’t. We would have to have the “talk” about our marriage again. I knew it would hurt his feelings because he doesn’t realize what he says hurts me.

I told God I didn’t want to talk with him again. I was sick of the whole thing. Still, talking about it and getting it out there was better than rage, swearing and acting not like Jesus. Jesus would never, ever do what I did. He might get some cords and whack some tables, but he wouldn’t swear at people.

One thing I know, if I don’t confront and face things that are upsetting me I won’t get over it. God made us that way. It’s like when I was molested as a child. I had to have years of therapy. One day I knew I had to face it head-on and work through it. God made us that way. I wonder why? I’m not sure, but I do know he knows what he’s doing. So even though I would like to be a happy robot, I trust God about giving us feelings.

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