A Perfect Day.


My Granddaughter, Hope, the night of her prom.

A wonderful thing happened. I couldn’t sleep one night, for various reasons, and I was still awake at 9:00am. Usually, when this happens I get in a panic. I think, “Oh no. I’m going to feel horrible until I fall asleep. This is wrecking my schedule. What am I going to do?”

Then I remembered the verse, “Don’t worry about anything.” This verse has been helping me in my life more and more. I said to God, “Well, you said, “anything,” so that means everything. I will not worry about getting enough sleep.”

I had the best day! The best day I’ve had for years! This not worrying business is fantastic!

Not only did I feel like I’d slept all night, I felt even better than that. My fibromyalgia didn’t bother me; I had lots of energy and felt full of joy. I cooked, looked after my mother and had time to do some woodwork. A miracle.

Joyce Meyer helped me in this area also. She says, “Believe God is working.” Believe. I always had trouble with that because I didn’t know how to believe or what to believe. I knew I couldn’t do it by trying hard. But Joyce made it so simple. Don’t believe you know what God is going to do; just believe he is working in your best interests. That I can do, and it leads to peace.

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