Is God Enough?

Although I’ve been a Christian since I was 19 and am now 66 years old, I have been a dumb, slow-learning Christian. Lots of times I have learned something good and then when the chips are down, I forget what I’ve learned. I’m sharing this for those who are also slow-learners in the Christian life. You can take heart, because you are not alone.


When my grandson died 4 years ago, it was my worst nightmare come true. I had always hoped and prayed no one young in my family would die. But it was not to be, and I know God knows everything and is all-wise, therefore he knows best.


I wondered how I would be able to cope with Craig’s death. I loved him so much it was like he was a son instead of a grandson. I had babysat him for many years. When I first heard the news, of course I started screaming and crying; but as soon as my husband told me what Craig’s last words to him were, I had instant peace.


Craig said, “Thank you both for praying for me.”


I knew that God was telling us Craig would be saved and I would see him again. I still felt the pain of his death but a wonderful peace settled on me and that peace has never left. A few times, when I saw a video of Craig or a photo, I could feel my stomach lurch and pain in my heart. But I would turn to God and he was enough. He filled me with his peace and love.


God is enough when someone you love dies.


About two years ago, after I moved out of my daughter’s house and quit babysitting my granddaughter, I became severely depressed. My husband and I lived alone; we didn’t see our girls or grandchildren very often. I was so lonely and bored. I tried to find things to occupy my time but nothing worked. I felt dead inside. There was nothing to live for and so I took sleeping pills.


Well, obviously I didn’t die. I went to therapy and tried to find a reason to live. Therapy helped me think more positively but this is what surprised me; God became enough for me. I told him how lonely I was and how I needed him and how it was just him and me now. It’s amazing, but God’s friendship became enough for me. I started to have happy days with him. I talked with him off and on during the day. I read the Bible more and Christian books and listened to on-line sermons. The days got better and better.


God is enough when you have lost everything you lived for.


I didn’t know God would be enough to live for. I didn’t know he could give me such happiness.


I told God how bored I was. I needed some ideas of what to do with myself. He did give me ideas for some arts and crafts hobbies. I am happier than I have been in my life. This has shocked me. This I did not expect.

God is enough when you are sick of life.

My sister lost all her possessions, except her old van, when she became sick and couldn’t work. She lived with us for 2 years, but got sicker because of all the plant life here. She has many problems, one of them being allergies. So, she packed up her van and moved to Washington State which is free of almost all pollens. She became a little stronger and could at least go to a store and buy groceries and get out of bed.


As she became more accustomed to camping out in her van, she told me, “I have never been this happy in my life.”


God is enough when you lose everything you own.

I thought I’d put some photos up of some of my art projects.


buttons (2)

alt books (1)

alt books (4)

alt books (8)

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