Twitter, Politics and Me.

Who am I?

An opinionated person who loves to give her opinion on everything.

Sometimes I start doing something and then wonder if God is pleased with what I’m doing. I’ve been on Twitter off and on over the last year. The first time I quit was because some people put photos of naked people on their tweets. Then my granddaughter got a Twitter account and wanted me to follow her, so I signed up again and decided to be very careful who I followed.

That worked out fine, but my granddaughter quit using Twitter and there I was again. I have to admit it can be fun and informative but I’ve decided to sign off once again. A lot of people use Twitter to post their opinion on politics. I’m interested in politics, but can also get angry about politics. I get angry at politicians who harm people. And they can harm people with their policies.

So, lately I’ve been tweeting about politics and didn’t feel too good about it so I talked with God. After I asked him what to do, a thought came to my mind, “Are you doing any good on Twitter?” I thought about it and decided – no, I wasn’t. I’ll never change anyone’s mind about their political leanings. And what is the good of complaining about politicians?

Who is God?

Well, Jesus never said anything against the Roman government when he was here. In fact, he healed a Roman Centurion’s servant and told his followers to carry a Roman soldier’s gear two miles instead of the one mile that was a law from Rome.

Paul said to pray for our rulers. He said to honor the emperor, who was Nero at the time. The Bible says that God rules over the nations; that he has given us governments to protect us. God told us to pray for the nation we live in because if it prospers then you will prosper.

I don’t think it is wrong to vote or have an opinion on politics, but for me, it isn’t a good thing. I get upset and angry so I’m going to try to leave it all alone and just pray.

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